Book Review from Dave Gammon for FADE TO BLACK

Jack is your typical, ordinary man. A loving husband and father, an admired school teacher with a seemingly perfect life, one day a harrowing vision creeps into his life. From a first person point of view he experiences the very real terror of a Marine Sergeant Casey Stillman in midst of battle in Iraq. As one vision begins to eclipse into another his grip on reality is gradually fading. Will Jack be able to decipher the meaning of the waking dreams before his world crumbles? The truth may only lie in Fade to Black.

I've had the esteemed honour to read two novels written previously written by Wilson, The Traiteur’s Ring and The Donors. After reading one exceptional piece of fiction by an author, any attentive reader cannot deny a certain sensation of intimacy through their story telling. Having shared one exceptional adventure after another it was only natural to embrace this review with great enthusiasm.

Throughout previous reviews it’s become abundantly clear that I’m not exactly what one may consider a war story aficionado. This author’s extensive knowledge of military operations is mesmerizing and created in such fashion that will appeal to a universal audience. His experience is reflective in the story telling and makes it interesting enough that doesn’t come across as condescending or patronizing to the reader. This is crucial plot development and marketing to appease a global audience. One does not have to be partial or even favorable to war stories to fully enjoy Fade To Black.

The contrast of the lead characters Jack and Sgt. Casey is engaging. While Jack’s sensitive side pulls at the heart strings of the readership, Casey patriotic spirit is endearing, guaranteed to capture the attention of even the most cynical of readers.

Supernatural subtext, themes and innuendos are utilized with extraordinary vivid exposition. Jack’s visions on the surface could appear to be psychosis, paranoia and perhaps post-traumatic stress disorder. Yet each episode he endures elude to something unexpected around each corner. The experiences are not entirely unlike The Twilight Zone series.

The interpersonal relationships between Jack, his wife Pam and daughter are heartfelt raising the terror level of their collective circumstances even further. Jack’s reluctance to discuss his ordeal demonstrates admirable traits of humanity although accentuating a common weakness. Refusal to communicate in any relationship despite a martyr complex is ultimately destructive. The vulnerability is enhanced. Many readers will surely relate to Jack’s plight reinforcing the realism of the tale.

Images of Casey’s haunting troupe is bone chilling, graphic and will evoke undeniable nightmares. The mental health profession is depicted well in Wilson’s tale indicating extensive research. A most extraordinary finale unfolds that most will not predict, making this novel a certifiable must read.

No question the subject of war is a sensitive one. Many may be tempted to skip this novel as a result, feeling the very real terror of international conflict as too close to home. This would be a tragedy in its own right and I highly recommend setting aside personal biases or beliefs and giving it an honest try. JournalStone has truly come into its own in the past couple years reinforcing immeasurable talent from a wide assortment of authors and this collection is no exception.

Praise for FADE TO BLACK

Author Wilson knows exactly how to build his plot quickly and keep the suspense level as painfully high as possible until he drops his bombshell at the book's conclusion. He draws upon his time in the military to make Casey Stillman and his fellow Marines believable, right down to the jargon and location references... Definitely a must-read for any fan of thrillers, military fiction, and current OEF/OIF fiction. Frankly, this is one of those rare books that I'd recommend to any’s *that* good.

A chilling novel from start to finish, "Fade to Black" will have you guessing from one page to the next. On the suspense scale, it was off the chart...The last 20 or so pages had me crying my eyes out and left me emotionally exhausted by the time I was done. If the phrase, 'the suspense is killing me' was literal, this book would be the death of you. Wow,

Fade to Black is an intense, fast-paced novel written by author Jeffrey Wilson. It starts off with a bang and maintains the intensity of emotion, confusion, and turmoil throughout... Author Jeffrey Wilson has created a three-dimensional character in Jack/Casey, effectively transporting the reader into the life of a teacher with a family and toddler one minute, and into the gritty, tough Marine fighting for his life in Fallujah the next. Excellent narrative, effective dialogue and an intensely paced novel make for a can't-put-down book with Fade to Black.

Fade to Black starts out fast and doesn't let up until the last page... The author, who served two tours in Iraq, knows his material and it shows in his writing. Fade to Black is a realistic war story, mixed with a touch of supernatural thriller to create a story you won't be able to put down until you find out just what is happening to Jack Keller.

Quill says: The action doesn't stop till the very last page but the tension and terror of Fade to Black will stay with you long after you've closed the book.

From its unforgettable opening to its final, chilling conclusion, Fade to Black is extraordinary.
-New book journal

A brilliant combination of war novel and supernatural thriller. This book could only have been written by an author who knows firsthand the blood, sweat, dust, and terror of combat.
-Tom Young, author of The Mullah's Storm, Silent Enemy, and The Renegades

Wilson weaves terror and tenderness into this harrowing, supernatural tale of one man's perfect life turned upside-down by the horrors and sacrifices of military combat.
Brian Andrews, Author of The Calypso Directive, 2012 USA BEST BOOK Awards Finalist

Wilson just keeps getting better and better. FADE TO BLACK is a death-limbo drama that plays masterfully with melancholy notes of heartbreak backed by the roaring horrors of modern warfare. In the last fifty pages, you'll bite off every fingernail waiting to see the final outcome!
-Benjamin Kane Ethridge, Bram Stoker Award winning author of BLACK & ORANGE and NIGHTMARE BALLAD

Praise for THE DONORS

The Donors is a chilling fantasy-horror novel set in modern times. As a young man named Nathan recovers from the injuries his mother's abusive ex-boyfriend inflicted, he becomes aware of a sinister force pervading the hospital that treated him. He catches glimpses of demon-like humanoids with pale faces, radiant eyes, and viciously sharp teeth. A malevolent force is harvesting skin and vital organs from helpless hospital victims! Nathan's only ally against the monsters is the Doctor who cares for him; they are the only ones who can see the demon's true forms and resist their depredations. The Donors is shocking, powerful, and will keep the reader in suspense to the very end.
-Midwest Book Reviews, August 2012

Jeffrey Wilson, the cross genre genius and its likely future high priest storyteller, mystic and healer-- has released his latest THE DONORS on the heels of his successful first novel, THE TRAITEUR’S RING.
-The Big Thrill

"...surprise is one of the Principles of War, and Wilson is its artful practitioner in the literary arena of thrillers."
-Author Azam Gill

"Jeffrey Wilson’s "The Donors" is a very professionally written tale of nail biting chilling horror" sure to please any reader who is looking for a memorable yarn of horror."
-Syndicated reviewer Gary S. Roen in The West Orlando News

"If you like fast-paced horror fiction, you're going to have to check this one out."
-Bram Stoker Award winning author Benjamin Kane Ethridge

"Jeffrey Wilson can spin a chilling scene, but it's his characters that make his writing so horrifying. Wilson forces us on a terrifying journey into the blackest shadows where creatures of primordial evil feed on their darkest fears."
-Brett J. Talley, 2011 Bram Stoker Finalist and author of That Which Should Not Be and The Void

"This is a powerful horror thriller in which readers will root for the vigilante justice of the lizard men ... Fast-paced throughout and a strong cast, fans will appreciate The Donor, which questions what evil and heroism truly are."
-Amazon’s #1 reviewer, Harriet Klausner 5 Stars

"Every now and again the literary world presents a gift unto horror fans that is the pinnacle of restoring all that is delightfully macabre in the realm of terror. Undoubtedly Jeffrey Wilson is one such gift. Breaking away from the monotony and refusing to gravitate to saturated markets the masses salivate over, Wilson is an innovator and a force to be reckoned with. I’ve had the fortunate opportunity of reading and reviewing another of this author’s novels under the same publishing house. His previous endeavor was titled The Traiteur’s Ring. Each effort was nothing shy of hypnotic, imaginative and compelling. Wilson truly has a talent for painting a very clear picture"

THE DONORS has also been the pick of the day at Killer Nashville, Independent Publisher, and Jim Agnew’s Literary World since its release in June.

Positive Reviews for THE DONORS

1) THE DONORS was the Killer Nashville book pick of the day on July 15th:

2) gave THE DONORS a terrific review:
"Every now and again in the literary the literary world presents a gift unto horror fans that is the pinnacle of restoring all that is delighfully macabre in the realm of terror. Undoubtedly, Jeffrey Wilson is one such gift. Breaking away from the monotony and refusing to gravitate to saturated markets the masses salivate over, Wilson is an innovator and a force to be reckoned with..."
See the full review here:

3) Bram Stoker Award nominated author Brett J. Talley reviewed THE DONORS:
Jeffrey Wilson can spin a chilling scene with the best of them, but it’s his characters that make his writing so horrifying. These are real people and real families, and Wilson forces us to walk with them on a terrifying journey into the blackest shadows where creatures of primordial evil feed on their darkest fears. Highly recommended."
Read the full review here:

Coming Up Book Signings

Jeffrey will be in New York at the International Thriller Writer's annual "Thriller fest" this week, July 11th through July 15th. He will be signing copies of both THE DONORS and THE TRAITEUR'S RING on Saturday the 15th from 11:00 am - 12:30 in the onsite bookstore. If you are at the conference or in the city, come by and meet him and get your signed copies of his books. If you see him around the conference please stop him and say "Hi".

Jeffrey will also appear at a book signing at the Barnes and Noble/William and Mary Bookstore in Merchant's Square, Williamsburg, Virginia on October 27th. His son Connor Wilson will be joining him and promoting his new childrens book THE GIANT PENCIL.

Brett J. Talley Review

Thanks a ton to Brett J. Talley for his generous review of THE TRAITEUR'S RING. See the entire review on his blog.

The Traiteur’s Ring is a truly unique story in a genre that so seldom produces uniqueness. I recommend it highly...... if you are the type of reader who wants characters that are complex and developed, with back stories and real lives beyond the glimpses we see in the pages, then Wilson has crafted the perfect book for you.

Dave Gammon Horror News Review

Dave Gammon reviewed THE TRAITEUR'S RING for

Wilson combines a very original concept of the war on terrorism with a paranormal twist. One does not have to be a war enthusiast or history buff to be moved to chilling lengths. If ever the saying 'do not judge a book by its cover' reigned supreme this would be the case. In a time when retro remakes are a thing of the ordinary The Traiteur’s Ring is alarmingly refreshing and universally moving.

Read the full review at

UnRegular Radio's Anthony Duva Show Interview

I thoroughly enjoyed my interview with Anthony Duva and Ashley Bottoms on UnRegular Radio's Anthony Duva Show.

Catch the podcast of the interview at:

Gathering Leaves Interview

I had a great time in my interview with Cassie at gathering leaves, a blog for literary reviews:

There is also a link there to her review of the book.

Benjamin Kane Etheridge Review

Thanks to author Benjamin Kane Etheridge for his kind review of "The Traiteur's Ring"

5 out of 5 stars: A solid supernatural thriller!

This is one damn unique blend of fantasy, horror and military fiction. Even in its moments of heavy contemplation, there are enthralling questions buzzing in the characters' minds about their relationships, their past, and their fates that will have you wondering how the story will proceed. Mr. Wilson is thorough in his characterization. He leaves no doubt for any of the motivations compelling the story's players forward, and it cannot be overlooked that he introduces a Cajun brand of fantasy that is both intriguing and frightening in its scope for healing and destruction..... You have to read this one to feel its force. If you want an emotionally charged action thriller in your modern fantasy, you've got one. Right here.

Ash Arceneaux Gives Traiteur's Ring a Great Review

Ash Arceneaux from the horror book review site SwampDweller gave Jeff's book a great review. Here's an excerpt:

.... It’s a story that reminds me of old-school King and Koontz, you know, that classic supernatural thriller style that is character driven, doesn’t rely on gore or shock value, and is just a plain, ole’ engrossing story with a straightforward plot—save the innocent, defend the helpless. The story is fairly unique, and the characters are all well-developed and likeable..... Wilson has a great command of style and technique. He writes with an honesty and simplicity that carries the reader into Ben’s life. The reader actually cares about what happens to Ben and Christy and Reed.

The Traiteur’s Ring is a great read.

Thanks to Ash and her staff.

Jeffrey Interviewed at 'Closing My Eyes Helps Me to See Clearly' Blog Site

1: What is the most productive time of the day for you to write?

I am most productive in the morning. I try and write from mid morning to early afternoon. Often times schedules don’t allow your ideal and I have found that early afternoon is good for me as well. I am useless at night, except for the rare night where an important idea sneaks into my dreams and wakes me. Then I can work a short time to get the idea going. When is not really important—everyone is different. The frequency is way more important. A writer needs to write as close to every day as possible, even if for only a short period of time.

2: Do you start your projects writing with paper and pen or is it all on the computer?

My projects evolve in my head and once they start to gel I sit at the computer and get started. I have no idea if other writer’s are like this, but I almost never know how my stories or books will end...


Horror Writers Association

Jeff is proud and excited to have been accepted for membership into the exclusive Horror Writers Association. HWA is the organization who annually bestows the coveted "Bram Stoker Award" for outstanding horror fiction.

Click here for more information about this organization.

Military Writers Society of America - 5(of 5) Star Review

War & The Supernatural Mixed Together

from William H. McDonald Jr. - lead reviewer, author, and founder of the MWSA

Author Jeffrey Wilson mixes two not normally related genres together in a fast moving novel called "The Traiteur's Ring". The author weaves jungle warfare in with a supernatural and mystical element that creates a whole new kind of reading experience for readers. The key here is that he successfully pulls it off. The author carries the reader along on one great adventure story. The characters are fleshed out well so we have a good idea who the hero and the bad guys are. More importantly - we are allowed to get inside their heads and find ourselves following them along in the story as if we were a part of the action ourselves.

There are no other stories like this out there-this is totally an original idea. It is both creative and explosive. It will provide readers of war and adventure genre with more then enough action while still giving us an inside look at all those involved. I enjoyed the book. I feel that most readers will have a difficult time walking away from this once they begin to read it. You will find yourself actually wondering where this story will take you next. There is mysterious elements not normally found in books dealing with warfare.

An entertaining book for those traveling on an airplane, through airports, or on vacation - just download it and take it along with you. I love this new way to read books - it allows me to take many books along on my journeys. My recommendation is to take this one with you and add it to your collection. It will be money well spent.

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